Do you have stories to tell but don't know how to write them? Are you intimidated by words? Or maybe you don't have the time? We all go through this reluctance to write but what happens to the awe and beauty you experience if you don’t write about it? No one can write your stories but you.

Writing can be daunting if you believe that it belongs only to those who studied it or those who have access to a wealth of books. Through this online workshop, we hope to show you how writing can be enjoyed by anyone with a story to tell.

15 Days of Writing True is your exploratory writing e-course that takes on the arc of travel. By likening the act of writing to embarking on a journey, this workshop will teach you how writing is not just a task but also a meaningful experience.



What you'll learn:

  • How to think like a traveler and how to apply this to words

  • How to identify moments in your life worth writing about

  • How to know which details to share and which to keep to yourselF

  • How to write what feels true and make it sound good

  • How to get over your fear of writing by learning how to enjoy it

  • How to enjoy writing so much that you will want to keep doing it


What you'll get:

  • 15 thoughtful and visually appealing modules about writing

  • Close mentorship and guidance from the workshop leaders

  • Fun writing tasks to help you start a writing habit

  • Weekly constructive feedback about your work

  • Access to handpicked writing samples and bonus reading materials


  • Free custom-designed writing papers that you can print and use

  • Membership to an active writing community in Facebook

  • Access to all online course materials for 1 year

Who should enroll in this course:

  • Anyone raring to write!

  • Avid writers who want to improve their personal style

  • Travelers who want to share their stories on the road

  • Photographers who want to add words to their pictures

  • Songwriters in need of a break

  • Brand owners who want to use creative storytelling for their businesses

  • Frustrated artists looking for a new avenue of self-expression

  • Students and teachers of life

Rainy Surf.jpg

We made this workshop for the reluctant doer.

There were times when we were reluctant doers ourselves. We were brimming with creative ideas but we didn’t have the motivation, resources and time to follow through with them. We want to help other reluctant doers get over their hesitation to just start creating!


Our Story

Sofia and Camille have been long-time online friends thanks to their mutual love for good books and finding extraordinary ways to express the voice within. Sofia has launched her own online courses in the past (30 Days of Open Art, Project You) and she saw a need to launch a writing course this time. She wrote Camille a letter and a great correspondence began.

For months, the two have been exchanging emails and sharing Google Docs to bring together 15 modules borne of love. Camille would elaborate on her writing techniques and Sofia would weave the ideas together in beautiful collages. The result is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Sofia and Camille have never met in person. This online course is a tribute to their strong online friendship powered by late night emails, Slack conversations and a lifetime commitment to moments of truth, beauty and awe.

Meet your guides!


Camille Pilar
Writer / Teacher

Camille met her first love—writing—when she was a little girl, but she met her true love—surfing—when she was much older. What happened after was a life-defining journey of bringing these two loves together once and for all.

Before moving to La Union in 2014, Camille taught Communication Studies in Meridian International College (MINT) in McKinley Hill, Taguig. 15 Days of Writing True is her first attempt at getting back into the teaching habit.

Follow the hashtag #WritingTrue on Instagram or visit to read about how she finds meaning in a routine of constant surf, starting a garden and loving dogs.


Sofia Cope
Content Creator / Teacher

SOFIA IS A Creative troublemaker from Manila, FOUNDER OF Open Art School and CONTENT CREATOR AT The Mad MuseSHE teaches about CREATIVE THINKING, self-expression and AUTHENTIC branding for modern-day creators. She is notorious for turning people into VISUAL diaries and contemplating on the many facets of the human experience through her writings and surrealistic collage artworks—always arriving at the conclusion that Creativity, Vulnerability and Love are our ultimate superpowers, yet always forgotten or misplaced. She aims to help you remember.




Don’t let your stories go untold. After all, no one else can write them but you!



15 Days of Writing True is an online course. Once you enroll, you will be granted access to our virtual classroom, and find some tips on how to make the most out of this workshop. This e-course can also be taken at your own pace within the year but feedback from the moderators will be provided only within the workshop period.

The workshop starts on May 1, 2017.

A working computer or tablet
An active email account



I signed up via credit card, why can’t I see the modules?

The workshop will begin IN MAY. Only then will we start releasing the materials.

What’s next after I enroll via bank deposit?

You will receive an email containing PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS within 12-24 hours, or less. After payment has been settled, YOU MUST send a clear copy of the deposit slip to You will receive login details shortly after we acknowledge receipt.

I'm paying via bank deposit on the last day of the Early Bird Promo (April 16), until when can I settle the fee?

you will be allotted 3 business days to settle your payment upon registration. You can pay until April 19.

Do you accept refunds?

As per industry standard, and because this course is offered at an introductory price, we are not doing refunds on PRODUCTS that can be downloaded and/OR viewed online at the moment.

What is the schedule for the course? What time do I have to be online?

From Mondays through Fridays, we will send you access to the day's lesson at 8:00 a.m. (GMT +8, Philippines). You are free to work at your own pace so you don't have to be online at a specific time. Just make sure to check your inbox for mail from us throughout the workshop period.

You will receive the first lesson on May 1, 2017 (Monday). The 15th and last lesson will be sent on May 19, 2017 (Friday). You will have access to all of the course modules until May 19, 2018 so you have an entire year to review the lessons and write anew.

On weekends, you are free!

What are the lessons like?

The lessons were designed to build on top of each other because they follow a progressive arc. However, each lesson can stand on its own. While it is recommended to finish the previous lesson before moving on to the next one, you will be able to access and participate in the newer lesson even if you haven't submitted your work for the previous lesson.

The lessons are short and insightful. We share some of our favorite writing advice along with personal tips. Each lesson will be like unraveling a new chapter in a book.

What kind of activities will you assign?

There will be writing exercises (of course!) that will follow the day's lesson and theme. These are typically short submissions (from 300-500 words) but we would appreciate longer entries as well!

Then there are non-writing exercises, which are just as important as writing!

How do I get feedback for my work?

To get feedback from the workshop moderators, you have to submit within the workshop period. We will strive to send a week's worth of feedback on the weekends (a.k.a. your rest days), but take note that some submissions may require more time than others.

Work submitted after May 19, 2017 will no longer be evaluated. However, you can share your work in the exclusive Facebook group (link TBA) to receive feedback from fellow workshop participants.

How are your topics different from other writing workshops?

Our lessons will follow the theme of travel so it will be like going on a trip. Moreover, most of the insights in this workshop are derived from personal experiences with writing and from realizations during #100DaysOfWritingTrue.

The modules are also tremendously thoughtful and visually pleasing (thanks to Sofia's wicked eye for design) so you won't run out of inspiration while working on the lessons.

When is the last day of registration?

The last day of registration for 15 Days of Writing True is on April 27, 2017 (Thursday).

I wasn't able to pay on time! Can I still register for the workshop?

Yes, you may! Just fill up a new registration form.

Thank you!

See you on May 1!

Got questions about the course that we haven’t answered yet? CONTACT US.